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darren aronofsky'nin nuh filminin işleyişini kastederek, “hikâyenin ne zaman geçtiğini bilmiyoruz, bize -zamansız bir ninni yazın” demesi ve patti smith'in away in the manger gibi bildiği tüm ninnileri düşünmesi ya da william blake'in ninnilerini…

aronofsky: i remember when we bumped into each other in venice and wandered the streets…

smith: isn’t that a great thing to say? “i remember when we bumped into each other in venice and wandered the streets.”

aronofsky: we got lost in the streets of venice. i was having that problem of how to create a song, and you told me your connection to lullabies. i was, like, “oh! this is a coincidence.”

smith: i’ve always loved lullabies. my mother had a beautiful voice and sang lullabies to us; i sang them to my siblings and to my own children. and i love the story of noah. i love the idea of this very stoic, driven man who has one of the most terrible tasks in human history, who has to separate himself from all of mankind while they’re destroyed.

interview magazine'de geçen röportajın bağlantı adresini de şuraya bırakıyorum:


“that’s what artists, creators, do. you look at paintings like de kooning’s series the women. he repainted the canvas of woman, i so many times. the first one must have looked beautiful—why did he destroy that? it just wasn’t as he pictured it. he paints over. and the second one probably looked even more wonderful. but he completely destroys that until he gets to the point where he feels satisfied. but that’s what artists do, that’s what poets do—we all do it. we start with something, and sometimes we destroy everything that we’ve made in order to get to the core place where we started from.”